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So nice to have you here at my webshop!

VintageLovables was founded in Hamburg at mid 2019. Before I've been working as a designer while I began selling vintage as a side-hustle. Quite soon I became more and more occupied with it so I finally quit the designer-jobs which gave me the opportunity to fully concentrate on what I loved the most. I created my very own independent webshop instead of using various platforms. 

VintageLovables.com was born.

Now as a full-time vintage seller I am presenting pieces from the 1960s-2000s and love to create fusions of garments from different eras. At the shop you´ll find casual, capsule closet items combined with sophisticated or very feminine garments since I like to keep it flexible when it comes to daily outfit choices.  

VintageLovables is located in Germany but at the webshop and on social media we speak English to connect to the customers from all around the world.

All items are hand-curated and chosen with love and respect for the history of a vintage piece. I'd love you to also embrace the story of a specific item since it may come along with little imperfections- though my intentions are to supply you with clothes of best quality and condition anytime.

Now I'm wishing you a wonderful shopping experience and looking forward to also meeting you at my IG@ vintagelovables.

Best regards,
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